Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rough Draft

Hello faithful few, how has your week gone so far? Mines have gone OK so far. I have been feeling a little burnt out but I am better now. As I promised, I am bringing you guys my post early this week. I am not trying to disrupt the balance of the universe by switching things up;) I am just doing things differently then usual. I did tell you guys that this year, I will be doing things differently with my blog. I have a rough rough rough draft of the beginning of my artist statement for you guys. Just wanted to give you guys a little taste. So without further ado!

...I have always been fascinated with the idea of mark making. Even as a kid when I doodled in class, I found myself drawn to the imagery that came out of random mark making. The different shapes and lines that were created by intersecting marks always seemed more interesting then the marks themselves. Even we I was drawing, say an apple I loved the way the shadow connected with the object.

The more I became aware of my gift, the more I, which I didn't kn.ow at the time noticed how much of a story that mark making could tell. When I was in high school I got away from mark making. Alot of the work I did was dependent on representation. Sure sometimes they work was not 100% percent representational but an apple was an apple and a car a car. I mean I still placed shapes next to each other and across each other and then preceded to fill in the negative space to see what emerged but I didn't do it as much as when I was a free-spirited unadulterated kid. The more I learned to see the work the more I strayed away from mark-making.

My first few semesters in college was all about conditioning my mind to understand and see art differently than I had before. I did the normal studying and examining practices. I learned the educational aspects of art from an academic standpoint. I was building upon the knowledge base for art that I already had. Mark making while on the back burner, became something a little more to me. I hadn't totally abandoned it but I also wasn't primarily focusing on it.

It probably was not until I got into art school that I came back to mark making(in my sophomore and junior year). Art school was a new venture for me. A time for exploration. A time to expand my vocabulary for art. My work at this time while still academic was beginning to take on a different meaning for me...

That's all I have for you guys so far. Like I said its pretty rough and its going to go through a few rewrites and edits but I will get it done soon. When I do I will post it for you guys.

Until sometime next week, namaste and stay strong...

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