Saturday, June 5, 2010

Latest Work and then some...

Hello faithful few. I know I told you guys that I would probably post early this week but I don't's like my mind is so used to coming to you guys on Saturday:). Well as promised I am letting you guys see my two latest projects. If you are a facebook friend, you have already probably seen the red/black one and the other one is a constant work in progress. I am hoping to finish it soon.

What else do I have for you guys? Oh yeah! Today is the day of the 6X6X2010 auction/show at The Rochester Contemporary Art Museum. I submitted a piece for this show (hopefully you guys saw this piece a few posts ago). Some random collector might have add a piece to their art collection and they might want to find out exactly who is this artist named Arthur Lovely;). Well that's all for this week.

Until sometime next week, namaste and stay strong...

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