Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Evening News...Blah!

So I figured I would talk to you guys about The Evening News. I know what you guys are thinking; what can I tell you about The Evening News. Actually I am not going to tell you about it but more or less talk to you guys about my take on said Evening News.

I recall growing up and watching the news and seeing what was going on locally, domestically and internationally. It wasn't all good but it also wasn't all bad. I wonder when it all went bad. I first noticed it after 9/11. It seemed like all the good things going on in the world got pushed to the back and all the seediness and badness that was already going on became front and center. I totally believe that we need to be in the know but it seems now-a-days when there is three hours of news coverage rarely is the news about any thing positive. They continually harp on the same ol' negative stories and usually as an afterthought and the end of the news cast they tell us about Xian Ling Xie giving birth to a panda named Li Ang Kwong at the Beijing Zoo. What about Mrs. Smith who just donated a million dollars to some charity to help fund undereducated school districts in Maryland or Michigan? What about telling us about Mr. Flanagan who help funded a program that eventually will lead to a cure for AIDS? What about the kid who grew up in an impoverished neighborhood, who has succeeded at every academic level against all odds, who went on to become a world famous neurosurgeon?

Yeah, I mean we hear some stories but there is no longer that equality when it comes to how we get out news. We are shown images of a world that is constantly at war. A world where nations are fighting each other over principles and ideals. The redundancy of The Evening News, has the majority of us turning to the information super highway for our "REAL" news. I mean really who wants to turn on The Evening News every night and always see whats going on bad in the world. We demand, we need in this world going bad to see that there is still some good in this world. That there is still hope. I for one believe that the downfall of The Evening News will come at the continued reporting of mostly "bad" news.


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