Saturday, August 7, 2010


Faithful few, whats happening? I am doing good. Pretty good. Mentally I have had somewhat of a pretty good week. :) The other day on one of my facebook posts after I watched Work of Art, I said how I need to get back into drawing more because I have been neglecting my drawing. Lo and behold, its that time again when I start preparing for grad schools and a lot of the schools what you to have 5-10 images of drawing in your portfolio. So yours truly has to get crackin' on dem there drawins!

Let's see what else I have for you guys. Oh yeah!

You guys know that I have been trying to incorporate a vegetarian lifestyle/diet into my life (Part of my 2 year plan for my life), I had been doing a vegetarian Monday/Thursday thing. On June 30Th, 2010, I begin a full switch into a vegetarian lifestyle. As I write this, I have been a full-time vegetarian since that date. That's 38 days(I told myself I wouldn't count days but you know what, "so what, who cares" lol). It hasn't been too much of a challenge, I mean like I said I was already doing it on Mondays and Thursdays. It has been fun learning and studying about the lifestyle. I have learned a lot and I have tried quite a few good recipes as well. I might start to post some for you guys;) Well that's it this week you guys but I will leave you guys with some art and a closeup detail of it.


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