Saturday, August 28, 2010

Meat...Glorious meat...or maybe not....

Hmmm so in my transition into vegetarianism, I have run into people who find it odd that I don't meat. I have told you guys a plenty of time that I dont care about saving the costa rican chickens or the maine cows. I am doing this for me. It all apart of my self-reintroduction so to speak.

I, myself was never one of those people who went, "Oh how can you not meat" or "what do you mean you don't eat meat." Even now I haven't become an advocate for PETA(ironically I just hyperlinked it for you guys). I am not out trying to convert you guys into vegetarians. Frankly I dont care if you guys eat a whole section of Noah's Ark, lol ;) I don't mind sharing with you guys my experience transitioning and getting to know the ins and outs of vegetarianism but you can bet your "binkies" that I am not going on a missionary mission at all.

I have had so much fun with this venture. Learning new things about food and trying things I have never tried before also makes this experience amazing. I find myself cooking more and that something growing up that I love just as much as art. i always felt that if I hadn't gone to art school, I would have probably went to Culinary School. It's ok though I still can burn when it comes to getting down in the kitchen;)

Eat your meat. Enjoy your meat just know that I don't eat meat.


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