Saturday, November 13, 2010

Always looking forward.

Every weekend no matter how bad a week I have had, I always look forward to talking to you guys on Saturday. Whether it be, just to let you guys know what I am working on or just to show you what I am working on. I always get excited about presenting you guys with a weekly recap of a day in the life of an artist or should I say a week in the life of an artist. :)

I am still waiting to here back from this place I sent my portfolio to last month and i am also in the middle of working on a couple of projects. One of my pieces that I am almost finished with just got a title! Its going to be called, Put The Guns Down. I looked at it another way and started to really thing about it. Then today I flashed back to the image of it and the title just popped into my head. So hopefully I finish it in the coming weeks and when I do I be sure to post a pic of it for you guys.


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