Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gobble Gobble...

Hello faithful few. I take it everyone had a great thanksgiving...Mines was OK. It was my first thanksgiving as a vegetarian, so it was also slightly challenging.

Before I even got to thanksgiving I had people saying "what are you going to eat?" or "how are you going to have thanksgiving dinner if you don't eat meat?" Really??? I mentioned earlier in the week on my Vegetarian Blog that I would not become that person. I would not let or allow myself to get caught up in the whole "vegetarian vs meatatarian discourse." Our mindset has gotten so far into what symbolizes what for "X" holiday or "X" statement that we don't realize that we actually equate certain things with certain events. Alot of people equate Thanksgiving with Turkey, televised football game at Texas Stadium(The Cowboys, Ughhh) and Black Friday. So the idea of not eating Turkey on thanksgiving becomes almost unpatriotic or UN-American, so to speak. But you not only hear it from the left but also from the right. The right would have you defend the reasoning behind why you aren't eating the meat. About what happens to Turkeys or how they are bred for holidays like this.

I feel that in the modern age, Thanksgiving is about giving thanks and being thankful. Not about how much Turkey or what the final score of the game is or even if you are going to go stand in line at midnight for 4 or 5 am sale and almost get trampled to death to save $50 for a TV. That's just my opinion and I stand behind it. I enjoyed my Thanksgiving as I have enjoyed all my Thanksgivings; being thankful.


PS...I had honey barbecued tofu that I made myself;)

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