Saturday, May 12, 2012

Good stuff my friends, good stuff...

So let's see what I have for you guys this weekend. I did get my pieces off to Rochester, so I am pretty excited to see them posted online soon.

I have begun to plan what I want to work on next. Plus I am looking into some future endeavors. So I'm pretty stoked about that.


So I have mentioned to you guys that I would be trying out 2 new programs on my computer, Sony Vegas Pro 11 and Lightroom 4. I haven't had the chance to play with Sony Vegas but I have used Lightroom 4 a few times and I gotta say it is pretty amazing!!! (I've used pretty quite a few times already in this post!) I found out that I can tether my new camera to it by connecting my camera to my computer while using the program. I can capture a photo and immediately edit the photo in Lightroom. Man the photo editing features on this program are phenomenal. Really looking forward to seeing what I can do with this software.


I am going to start taking more shots with my camera especially when I start traveling again. I have taken a few shots and some video footage around the neighborhood were I work. A few shots actually made it into my batch of 6X6s. (I posted them for you guys a few weeks back) I am still learning the camera as I go but I am having so much fun with it. I'll try to post more pictures for you guys as I take them. So be looking out for that. That's all I got for you guys this weekend. Until next time...







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