Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sketching and stuff or something like it...

I started my sketchbook this week for the Sketchbook Project and so far so good.  I started with one idea but as I was walking around the mall yesterday I came up with the perfect idea.  Once I get a few more sketches done, I will share with you guys.  Its a pretty good idea for what it is.

This was also my first week of my vacation.  I have enjoyed the time away from work.  I didn't do what I initially planned but I have enjoyed myself nonetheless.  I look forward to my next week of vacation.  You know sometimes you need a complete break from it all.  Its like pushing a reset button on you life.  Everyone should do it now and then.

I also haven't forgotten about the other blog Ive been working on.  I just haven't gotten around to finishing it yet.  Its still coming soon.  I might have if finished by next week in time for my next post.  Until then...


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