Saturday, March 30, 2013

Projects, projects and more projects...

I have a really busy next couple of week coming up. On Tuesday, I am going to go drop off and hang a piece that I am putting in Maryland Art Place's Out of Order show which is next Friday. I am putting this piece in the show. Hopefully someone takes it home and adds it to their collection:)


I also need to finish this piece that I sold last week. Only thing holding that piece up is adding the background. I have a couple of ideas that I have been tossing around in my head that I am going to play around in photoshop with so as to not make a mark that I don't want to actually add to it...ah the luxuries of digital media!

And finally the last bit of work I need to get cracking on is for the RoCo 6x6x2013 show in Rochester. This is the 6x6 show that I have been doing the past few years. The pieces for this show have to be postmarked by the 20th of April. That should be a series of work to work on. I am thinking about "re-debuting" some new material based on one of my old styles of creating art. Not that I don't work in this manner any longer, it's just that I haven't used the technique in awhile. I feel like its something I want to do because it'll be a good way for me to do a little problem solving. As usual, as I finish them I will post pics for you guys. Until next week...





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