Saturday, May 11, 2013

Blogging is my side vice or Sometimes I learn things...

I have been slacking a lot lately with my other blogs... ( Vegetarian and Tech )

I don't blog as often as I like on them which kind of bothers me being as though they aren't as extensive as a blog as this one. They are basically off shoots of this one, my main blog. I mean I am always taking pics of food or trying new things as a vegetarian that I could post over on the vegetarian blog...I am a tech geek so there shouldn't be any reason why I don't post often on my tech blog. I am actually in the process of writing a really long post for my tech blog on why I switched back to android from the IOS ecosystem.

Its really no excuse. They both are WordPress blogs and I have the WordPress app on just about every device that I own and its real easy to post from it so there is definitely no excuse. Maybe I'll try to make sure going forward to post pics, articles and whatever I can related to both of them. Got to get back into the habit of sharing my discoveries.

Until next time...


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