Saturday, May 25, 2013

Selling Work or Making Moves with Art...

So I have spent the majority of the last hour resizing a few images in Photoshop and uploading to Redbubble. Redbubble is a site where artist can upload their work and sell them as T-shirts, Stickers, Prints and whatnot's. The prices are pretty reasonable as well.  Check them out if your feeling a lil adventurous. Click the highlighted text up (You know the word Redbubble, its called a hyperlink...Use it!!! Lol) I'm going to be uploading more images there in the near near future, so I will let you guys know when I do.

I also found out for sure that my piece made it to Rochester in time for inclusion into the Rochester Contemporary Art Center's 6X6X2013 show. All of the art that was submitted by hundreds of artist around the world are up on the website for viewing.  They go on sale on June 4th for just $20! You don't have to purchase my piece (But you probably should) but you might find something on the site that you might like...and $20 for an original piece of art and a good cause you can't go wrong! The link is here. And if your curious you can search for #4493 in the "Find art by #", that's where you'll find my piece.  Well that's all I have for you guys this weekend.

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