Saturday, June 1, 2013

Time or The Malfunctioning Mind...

The past few months I have been prepping myself for big things happening this year. And each time I've had a deadline or a date that I needed to meet or remembered, I failed to do what I had to do. My girl thinks its almost like self-sabotage...I believe it's a bout of Murphy's Law.

Maybe time is getting me back for times when I fought time and won. I remember one time I was sitting in a cab in traffic on the Dan Ryan Expressway in Chicago on my way to Midway Airport and I was like I'm going to miss my flight. I got to the airport with about 40 mins or so before my plane was supposed to take off. I was like YES!!!! I made my way to security and as soon as I got there I saw one of the longest lines I had every seen at an airport. It was like it was a holiday and it wasn't. It was like the first week in November. Luckily a few TSA agents came and started taking people out of line and check our tickets to expedite us through the metal detectors but I made it to my gate and on the plane with minutes to spare.

There have been plenty of other times when I've went head to head with Father Time and came out the victor. As of late though it just seems I'm losing a lot. Case in point, my photos I wanted to send to Rochester for this art show that came the day after they should have been postmarked(Luckily I did get in a parting shot against Father Time and sent a separate piece in...TAKE THAT YOU OLD FOOL, HUZZAH!!!)

Maybe time does have it in for me or maybe I'm just getting old...



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