Saturday, June 22, 2013

Time was definitely on my side or The 8th Horcrux...

Today...on a rare Saturday off day, I worked in one of my sketchbooks. I did a few doodles and quick studies. Nothing that held a lot of weight but it did feel good to just devote time to my sketchbook. The great thing about what I did today was that I planned for it. As an artist I should be spending a lot of time in my sketchbook, it just seems lately that I haven't done that.

So I figured if I try to manage my time more wisely than I can stay focused and on track. Who knew that it would work, lol. I am really trying to make sure I am all about time management. As I have talked about plenty of times here, it always seem to get the better of me. But...I feel I can defeat father time...maybe I shouldn't say about play times game with it...if i can some how cross-reference time with the reverse of the was a bit crazy there. Just still feeling the high of my positive use of time today. I just need to buckle down and keep myself on track and use everything at my disposal to make that happen. That's all folks.

Until next week...


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