Saturday, July 6, 2013

Art happens for a ton of reasons or Will Pin for Art...

Hey there faithful few...I'm Baaaacckkkkkk! Lol. I haven't gone any where yet, it's just that lovely time again. Blog time. So I have been recently trying to find more ways to keep myself busy artistically-wise. This past Monday, I entered my self-portrait that I did into an international art contest. I have been planning on doing it for awhile but I almost forgot about the deadline which was the 1st. It's a contest being put on by Derwent Pencils. I was excited to actually get a chance to enter. Even if I don't win a prize it was/is awesome that I did enter, you know.

Today I also pinned a few more pieces of my own work to one of my boards on Pinterest. I totally be forgetting sometimes that I have Pinterest and I was one of the thousands of people who were on it when it was invitation only and they hadn't blown up yet. Come to think of it I have pretty much neglected Social Media for a while save for the few times I have started a convo in a couple of my Facebook groups. (Which is odd, seeing as though Facebook is one of my least liked social sites out there...something about privacy issues, LOL) Now that I've mentioned it, I'll probably abandon my idea to read before bed tonight and end up spending some time perusing Twitter, Instagram and Google+. Such is Life. Anywhoogle this book I am currently reading called, Darkest America: Black Minstrelsy from Slavery to Hip-Hop, is a really good engaging read. I have been taking notes...maybe I shouldn't say notes...I have been jotting down thoughts based on what I have read so far that come to mind based on what I've read. At some point I can see these thoughts turning into a post here or who knows maybe some great work of art. And as usual, I will surely share with you guys.

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