Saturday, March 14, 2015

314 or I like Pi too.

I thought I'd share a bit of my new artist statement with you guys. So without further ado...

My work through the years has evolved, devolved and evolved again. Everything I have done so far in my work has been a culmination of experiences, research, pain, love, growth, and maturation.

The focus of my work always gas an underlying theme of mood. That is to say, that no matter the subject or subject matter; my work will always reflect my mood. It won't just reflect my mood because of my style but my mood as a whole. Similar images/subjects may be drawn or painted in the same style but the weight of the line or stroke will be different depending on my mood.

That's all I have written so far. Hopefully I'll finish it in the next few days and I also have forgotten that I have a couple of post that I need to write that I want to share with you guys.

Until next week...


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