Saturday, September 20, 2008


Hello faithful few, its that time again. This week we go slightly political.

I chose not to get caught up into partisan politics! When I was young in the mind politically, I believed in right and wrong. I believed in debating both sides of the argument.

In middle school in my American government class when we would have mock elections, I jumped at the role of the republican. I mean how could you have a mock election and not have every party involved. I lived for playing devil's advocate. When I was old enough to vote I registered as a republican. My friends would always ask me why would I do that. They would say you're not rich, why are you a republican.

It wasn't until some years later, as I grew in mind politically, I started to understand how partisan and bipartisan politics work. I begin to look at the issues equally from both sides of the political spectrum. I realized that both were speaking the some good things.

I figured that is was time for me to rethink my political involvement. I switched my voting status to independent. Its funny just now I realized that I have never been a democrat. Imagine that! I feel as though for us to truly stabilize our country and our economy we must have a truly bipartisan government. We have good candidates out there. I mean my man Obama, I feel will do wonders for this country as far as changing and shaking up the way things work in this country. I will vote for Obama but not because he is a democrat but because I believe in him and what he will do for this country. I do believe that until there is a truly bipartisan candidate our country will always go through the same economic, educational, and turmoil issues that we have had centuries. What's sad is that we will probably never see that in our or our grand kids generation.

Until sometime next week, namaste and stay strong...

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