Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Tao of I

Hello faithful few, it that time again. This week I am just going to talk a little about my artist practice.

Alot of times I start out by figuring out what I want to talk about. What am I trying to convey? What do I want my work to say? Sometimes it may come from something that I have read or something that I have seen. It may come from an experience I have had or a moment that I have experienced. Other times I just feel motivation overcome me and I can't but help to be creative.

I try to read alot and research alot about the subject matter that I tackle. Sometimes its personal sometimes its not but when I do tackle it I try to be well informed. I feel that being well inform helps me to focus more and helps me to bring more out of my work. It gives it more meaning I feel. When I create I try to pour all of my emotion into it whether it be positive or negative. Sometimes I will work on a piece for months at a time but I always have another piece going in the interim. I don't "finish" a piece until it is no longer speaking to me.

All in all, I am have been content with the way I do things and I am always trying to find other ways to better my artist way. Well that's all I have for you guys this week.

Until sometime next week, namaste and stay strong...

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