Saturday, October 10, 2009

Like Father, Like Son....?

Hey faithful few, how are you this fine, fine Saturday night? I am suffering from a case of the sniffles(all my fault, darn fan at night,lol). This post I felt as though I would ask you guys your opinion.

I can not escape the fact that I am my father's son. He and I share the same name. My question I will ask at the end of this post; it's not really a question but something that I would like some collective feedback or just your honest opinions.

My dad has always been into gadgets and things. Mostly audio equipment and i grew up watching and in some instances messing with his stuff while he was working or not looking. He still has a thing for gadgets but he is into video and pictures. My dad is also a musician. Like Jimi, my dad can make a guitar weep.

Myself, I am enthralled with gadgets; computers, cell phones, video games, and whatever. I am also an Artist. I am very creative as you guys know. I went to school for this. Whereas my dad just like his nostalgic methods and ways(I recently just got him into computers and every time I turn around I am helping him correct something that he hasn't grasped a hold of yet, LOL); I on the other hand am always looking for the next big thing. I am always trying to push the gadgets to it's limits. I have never met a gadget that I didn't feel as though it could do more. As far as art, I always tell the story of how I started drawing around the same time as I started to learn to write.

My question is how many of you guys believe that my gifts were inherent and how many believe that manifested themselves based on the fact that I was around my it growing up. Just a little something for you guys to ponder. That's all for now

Until sometime next week, namaste and stay strong...

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Roscheeta said...

I'm sure you have heard this 'All good gifts come from God' Now whether you received them all from you father is always the debate. I just feel like as long as you do them justice is all that really matters.