Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Generation that is, was, and should be...?

In this age of Millenials, it seems that the youth of the nation are obsessed with putting themselves in front of the camera for all the world to see. What's sad is that they aren't showing themselves in a positive light. They are going around filming themselves either committing acts of violence or do some extremely stupid thing. i have seen some footage were the kid was screaming at the camera "this is going on WorldstarHipHop" or "imma youtube this" These kids are so brazen...have so much disregard for the law and other peoples feelings that to them its ok to do these things.

Todays youth, with the way modern technology is, has so many ways to express themselves in more productive way. instead they strive to get themselves noticed by filming themselves doing flash robberies and beating up people. What goes on in the mind of these kids? Who's to blame for their behavior? Some would argue that its societies fault. Some would say its the way the kids were raised. You could make a case for the lack of opportunities presented to them because of their environments.

Back in the day I would say that could very well be the case but some of these of this people is more like it do it purely for the sheer love of it and to see how many possible views they can get. And society being the pure voyeuristic junkies that we are cant help but take notice. Its like seeing a really bad train wreck. Empathy will have you feeling a great deal of concern for the victims but your lust for knowing whats going on will have you unable to look away. These people who make these videos on some subconscious level hone in on the "lustful eye" of the voyeuristic junkie. We all scream, "they don't have any home training" or "what if that was someone they love," all the while we are clicking on to the next video. This type of engagement not only helps fuel the longevity of this behavior but also helps along the slow degradation of our society as a whole. Don't get me wrong Americas youth aren't the only ones that have gone to extreme measures to be heard in a violent voice but american youth have taken it to levels that this author would liken to caged beasts trying to survive an impending meeting with their maker by bastardizing survival of the fittest. In this case its survival of the hardcorest waste of time.

Some people will complain about "why society doesn't do things for them"..."or why is it they are targeting me" but then they turn right around and film themselves beating up some defenseless person just so they can film it and make the front page of some video site. It's like where does this animalistic nature come from. What drives them? What gets them to this point?

When I was a kid growing up, I was taught when out in public; "act like you have some home training"..."don't do anything that would put yourself in a bad position, you never know whose watching"...and so on. As kids we didn't want to draw too much unwanted attention to ourselves. Kids today do just the opposite. It would be one thing to document yourself doing something productive but "showing out" to achieve views and/or notoriety is just plain barbaric, demeaning and immature.

As we move forward in the future, we are supposed to look towards our youth to carry on the progressive advances that we as a supposed strong nation have been enduring the past half a century or so. But if we only have their "gladiatorial" ways of presenting themselves then I fear that this generation will set us back a ways.

Sorry it took me so long to post this for you guys but it been a crazy last couple of weeks. Crazy! And can you believe this heat half of the country has been getting. Wow!


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