Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Future is or My Future has already begun...

Webster's dictionary defines FUTURE as:
1 a : time that is to come b : what is going to happen.

There used to be a time where I questioned my future. Where I wondered what the future held for me. I mean as kids, it was so easy to predict the future. I mean I'm sure we've all had the dream or should I say goal of being rich. I mean who doesn't want loads and loads of money. I mean $10,000 a year would make us quite wealthy, right? Lol. Ah to be young and innocent again.

Now I not getting all down on the future. I am actually looking forward to it. A few years ago if you asked me about my future, I would say I have goals...I have dreams...I hope I see them fulfilled. Nowadays though I feel like...NO, I know that my future is "time that is to come." Because of things that have happened to me personally recently and in the past, I have made it my mission to not dream of the future but live in the future now. (No, I'm not talking time travel or going slightly crazy) I am taking everything that happens to me as the "future" progresses as "what is going to happen..." Now that doesn't mean I am going to become an extreme free just means that I am going to take things as they come and also I'm going to try not to let chances fall by the wayside.

There are things in my life that I know for sure are my future, my everything. I hope to strengthen those connections as I make my way through my future. In a way I feel like I have reclaimed some of that childlike innocence when it comes to my outlook on the future. And as always, I will share that future with faithful few.


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