Saturday, December 8, 2012

Time...Time keeps on passing me by...

You ever wonder where all the time goes...?  I mean seriously...Every week it seems that Sunday hits and before I know it, I am sharing with you guys.  Which means Saturday is upon us...I then start to wonder where all the time in the week has gone.  Not too mention where the year has gone to.

Time management then becomes something of the essence.  For me that has always been a struggle.  There have been a plenty of times that I have let time slip away because of poor time management.  The  past few years I have gotten better, definitely this year.  I have found that by setting reminders and goals for myself have really helped me to keep on track...usually.  Its not a perfect system but its been working out for me.  Especially being tethered to technology:)

Last couple of years I have been trying to steer clear of setting New Years' Resolutions but this year if I have to have one; I would say it would be "To wisely take advantage of improving my time management" skills.  I have too many mechanisms at my disposal not to be more cognizant of time.  I believe that its just one of my holdover traits of being a procrastinator.  Gotta work on shaking it.

Well, faithful few, that's all I have for you guy this week.  Until the next time...


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