Saturday, December 29, 2012

Final Saturday of the year or 2 days before the New Year...

So it's that time of year again. My how the time DOST fly! This is that post of the year where I either promise to or promise not to come up with some New Years' Resolutions. And then the further I get into the year I begin to realize that I did or did not succeed with the resolutions that I did or did not make. (Insert smile, wink or some other random emoji here...)

This time around I think it will be different. I have set goals for myself that I have based around definitive dates. I know your going "...anyone can set a date but that doesn't mean that you'll still follow through with it..." I have always been pretty good when I give myself or I'm faced with a deadline. I might not hit my goal date but it will give me a "horizon" line to stay close to or reach.

I'm not getting any younger. (Birthday in 2 weeks exactly!) So there is the self-imposed sense of urgency when I do things now. I heard someone the other day talk about sacrifices and whether or not you have done everything you can possibly do to achieve what you want. Have you sacrificed certain things to make sure everything your trying to do become a reality? A lot of the choices I have made so far in my life have not come from sacrificing or taking chances. For the most part it has been about "doing" because it seemed like that was the way to go or because it seemed right. Last year this time I had a set plan but I was not willing to "sacrifice" my comfort zone or take chances for fear of failure. I have told plenty of people how I get so content with situations and things that I become entrenched in whatever I have going on in my life at that moment. It's something I've struggled with for the better part of my life. I've always said contentment is only good for a couple of things; friendships and relationships. I just need to break it in other areas of my life. Maybe that's a good New Years' Resolution for myself this coming year.

Well folks that's it for me this weekend. I'll see you guys next year. Until then...


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