Saturday, August 30, 2014

I leaped without looking and I loved it...

In another couple of weeks, it will be a year since I walked away from job and then 2 weeks later; I left Baltimore. It's still quite surreal when I think about it. One of the things I used to talk about when I first started this blog was taking chances and my hesistance to do so often. But lo and behold, I go and take a giant leap of faith. Talk about taking chances!

Now don't get me wrong, it definitely hasn't been a cakewalk or easy. I can say that it truly has been a learning experience for me, as well as a trying time. (Man, I've used a lot of commas so far in this post). I feeling pretty optimistic about my future and future prospects. Adult Choices is something I have dwelled on in the past and I find myself increasingly making more and more of them. I guess I am finally starting to lose that contentment quality that I have had all those years. I've never been a free spirit so to speak but I will latch onto something if it feels real comfortable. I guess that's the main reason that I'm feeling good about my situation because it's ever-ever-changing. Nothing is stagnant or comfortable. Almost everyday is a new adventure, a new struggle,  a new learning experience and I am kind of loving every minute of it just a little bit in the back of my mind. The rest of my mind thinks I'm just strange, lol. That's it for this week guys.

Until next week...


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