Saturday, March 29, 2008

Day 89!

Well, well faithful few, its that time again. Is it just me or is anyone amazed at how quickly the time is going? I mean in a couple of days it will be April! April! People come on, April! Wow! I really got get cracking on my work.

I am really coming along with it. I am doing more portraiture and I am also working on butterflies. You know what, I need to stop and apologize to you guys. I totally lost my train of thought for this week. I mean I am perplexed, I have looked at this screen for close to an hour and can not recollect my thoughts for the week. Instead of just burdening you guys with drivel, I will end my post earlier then planned this week. But fret not, next week i will really bring it for you guys, ok.

Until next week sometime, namaste and stay strong...

1 comment:

Roscheeta said...

Don't apologize. If nothing comes then nothing is meant to be said.